Ragazze Quartet
Ragazze Quartet plays both classical and modern string quartet repertoire: inspired and on the highest level. With attractive but unconventional programmes the quartet has come to be one of the most fresh and leading voices in the world of classical music.
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About this programme
They Have Waited Long Enough
About this programme
TUE 08 NOV, 8:00pm
TivoliVredenburg / Utrecht / NL
WED 09 NOV, 8:45pm
November Music / Willem Twee Toonzaal / Den Bosch / NL
FRI 11 NOV, 7:30pm
St. John's Smith Square / London / UK
THU 21 MAR, 8:00pm
Mendelssohnsaal / Leipzig / DE
FRI 22 MAR, 8:00pm
Musis / Arnhem / NL
Three female composers lend their voice to three mythical women who can now – finally – tell their story.

Annelies van Parys, Aftab Darvishi, and Calliope Tsoupaki have created new and contemporary sounds for three women who have been waiting on the sidelines of major Greek myths for far too long. They shed a new light on the age-old legends, coloring them with nuance and new strength. Is Medea a wrathful monster, or a mother torn by compassion? Is Circe an evil witch, or a profoundly human heroine and what about Penelope’ supposedly powerless pining??

Annelies van Parys, Aftab Darvishi, Calliope Tsoupaki
Gaea Schoeters
Natalie Haynes
Katharine Dain
Anna voor de Wind
Osama Abdulrasol
Raphaella Danksagmuller / Lucie LeLaurain
Ragazze Quartet
Rosa Arnold, Jeanita Vriens-van Tongeren, Annemijn Bergkotte, Rebecca Wise