Ragazze Quartet
Ragazze Quartet speelt klassieke en moderne strijkkwartetten: bevlogen en op het hoogste niveau. Met spraakmakende programma’s heeft het kwartet zich ontwikkeld tot een van de meest frisse en toonaangevende stemmen in de klassieke muziek.
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Mooie recensies voor The World's Wife in Londen!

Op 2 mei stonden we met onze productie The World’s Wife in The Barbican in Londen. Na afloop bleek dat er heel wat pers aanwezig was! Lees hieronder de prachtige quotes, of klik door naar de volledige recensies!


The Times ****


‘..it is an intense theatrical experience, a physical unleashing of emotion and music.’
‘She [Lucas] is a powerful singer, at her best in her rich lower range but moving too in the quietly controlled upper ranges.’


‘As well as playing brilliantly – as soloist and as one unit – the instrumentalists become silent actors, perched a top a roof in the opening Little Red-Cap, curled up on beds of earth in Demeter.’


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Music OMH 3,5*


‘The quartet are full actors in the drama, and when they pick up their instruments to play (which they do without scores) it feels casual and instinctive, as though they are simply using their instruments to speak along with the text delivered by Lucas.’
‘Lucas herself gives a tour the force performance, and Green’s writing allows all of her baritone range to be explored..’


‘The performances are eloquent and, at times, breathtaking; the performance has a powerful impact on the senses; the messages around women’s roles are necessary, topical and cogent..’


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The Stage


‘Lucas’ performance – vocally and theatrically – is never less than mesmerising.’
‘The impressively flexible Ragazze Quartet delivers the music and serves as foils and handmaidens to Lucas’s circus of characters. The Dutch string quartet’s physicality and excellent playing are a potent combination.’


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The Guardian ****


‘Jorinde Keesmaat’s staging of Tom Green’s re-worked music-theatre piece is performed with fabulously assured authority by Lucia Lucas and the Ragazze Quartet.’

‘..that rare thing nowadays, a totally successful music-theatre piece.’


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There’s something deliberately disorienting about a production in which the astonishing, fiercely virtuosic Ragazze Quartet refuse to sit docile behind music stands, but dance and crawl and laugh and strip off their clothes alongside Lucas at the heart of the action: a witchy conspiracy of women.


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