Ragazze Quartet
Ragazze Quartet plays both classical and modern string quartet repertoire: inspired and on the highest level. With attractive but unconventional programmes the quartet has come to be one of the most fresh and leading voices in the world of classical music.
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Slowly The Netherlands are coming out of the ‘intelligent lockdown’ and thus the Ragazze schedule is becoming a bit fuller again.

From July 6 to 8 we are recording the songcycle ‘Winterreise’ by Schubert in the small hall of Muziekgebouw Eindhoven and after that, we will give an actual concert. The cd zwill be presented next year.

Together with Martijn Cornet we bring a probing version of Schubert’s Winterreise, in an arrangement for baritone and string quartet. Winterreise takes up a central place in Schubert’s song repertoire and in the hearts of the lovers of his music. Hundreds of CD recordings were made of the work up until now. The yearning for the unknown and the unworldly speaks from the text of each song of Winterreise. This voyage isn’t just any voyage; it is a voyage towards the undefined.