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Ragazze Quartet plays both classical and modern string quartet repertoire: inspired and on the highest level. With attractive but unconventional programmes the quartet has come to be one of the most fresh and leading voices in the world of classical music.
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About this programme
In collaboration with
About this programme
In collaboration with
SUN 09 FEB, 3pm
Porgy en Bess, Terneuzen / NL / CANCELLED due to storm
FRI 14 FEB, 8.30pm
Ned. Hervormde Kerk, Rhoon / NL
SAT 15 FEB, 8pm
Oude Kerk, Ermelo / NL
TUE 18 FEB, 8.15pm
St Aegtenkapel, Amersfoort / NL
SAT 18 APR, 8:15 pm
Cultura, Ede / NL / CANCELLED
SUN 26 APR, 11:30 am
Theater de Veste, Delft / NL / CANCELLED
THU 09 JUL, 20.15
Muziekgebouw, Eindhoven NL
FRI 11 DEC, 8:00pm
Spieghelkerk, Bussum / NL / WILL BE RESCHEDULED
SUN 20 DEC, 11:00am
TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht / NL WILL BE RESCHEDULED
WED 17 FEB, 8:00pm
TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht / NL / Livestream
SAT 17 APR, 8:00pm
Goede Rede Concerten, Almere / NL / WILL BE RESCHEDULED
FRI 08 OCT, 8:00pm
Kerk / Solwerd, Groningen / NL
SAT 09 OCT, 8:00pm
Kerk / Garmerwolde, Groningen / NL
SUN 10 OCT, 3:00pm
Jacobuskerk / Feerwerd, Groningen / NL
FRI 22 OCT, 8:15pm
Doopsgezinde Kerk / Leeuwarden / NL
THU 28 OCT, 8:30pm
Dorpskerk Peperbus / Leidschendam / NL
FRI 19 NOV, 8:15pm
De Kleine Zaal om de Hoek / Bussum / NL
FRI 10 DEC, 8:15pm
Theater De Carrousel / Ommen / NL / CORONA CANCELED
SAT 11 DEC, 8:15pm
Kerkje / Valkkoog / NL / CORONA CANCELED
SUN 12 DEC, 11:30am
Theater De Veste / Delft / NL / CANCELLED
FRI 11 FEB, 8:15pm
De Vereeniging / Nijmegen / NL
SAT 12 FEB, 11:00am
Muziekkring / Heerhugowaard / NL
THU 17 FEB, 8:15pm
Cultura / Ede / NL
SUN 06 MAR, 3:00pm
Porgy en Bess / Terneuzen / NL
SUN 20 MAR, 11:00am
Muzenforum / Bloemendaal / NL
FRI 08 APR, 8:00pm
Goede Rede Concerten / Almere / NL
SAT 28 MAY, 8:30pm
Veerensmederij / Amersfoort / NL
SAT 11 FEB, 8:00pm
Kerkje Valkkoog / Valkkoog / NL
SUN 12 FEB, 11:00 am
Muziekkring / Heerhugowaard / NL
SAT 25 FEB, 8:15pm
Theater Carrousel / Ommen / NL
SUN 26 FEB, 3:00pm
Ruinekerk / Bergen / NL
SAT 17 JUN, 9:30PM
St Magnus International Festival / Orkney / SCH
SAT 22 JUL, 6:00pm
Wonderfeel / Graveland / NL
In an arrangement for baritone and string quartet

Maarten Koningsberger and the Ragazze Quartet bring a probing version of Schubert’s Winterreise.


Winterreise takes up a central place in Schubert’s song repertoire and in the hearts of the lovers of his music. Hundreds of CD recordings were made of the work up until now. The yearning for the unknown and the unworldly speaks from the text of each song of Winterreise. This voyage isn’t just any voyage; it is a voyage towards the undefined.


Winterreise is arranged for baritone and string quartet especially by Wim ten Have. At some points the result is a fine imitation of the piano, at others a realisation of effects that can only be suggested on that instrument, for instance icy ‘sul ponticello’ timbres which, as in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, can bring across such a wintry chill.


And where the piano may win out at percussive moments, the string quartet may often bring more warmth, vitality and depth to the sound. What is more, the Ragazze Quartet contributes not only the sonority of four string instruments, but also the energy of four musicians who at the same time connect with the music and the singer.


The four members of the quartet have immersed themselves in the texts, and, in collaboration with the arranger Wim ten Have, have taken care to create a score perfectly suited to the baritone Martijn Cornet and themselves. For the Februari 2023 concerts, Wim even made slight changes to suit the voice of Maarten Koningsberger.


Winterreise is arranged for baritone and string quartet by Wim ten Have and released on CD with Channel Classics Records, February 19th 2021. Order here. Or listen on Spotify.


Press about the CD:


‘Cornet’s “Der Leiermann” is crystal clear, without vibrato, while the string players simulate a ghostly hurdy gurdy. A laudable addition to the Winterreise catalogue.’

De Volkskrant 4*

‘The Ragazze Quartet plays at the cutting edge and stimulates the senses with an effective approach.’

De Gelderlander

Made possible by:
Maarten Koningsberger
Bariton Maarten Koningsberger studied with excellent teachers such as Max van Egmond, Udo Reinemann, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf and Margreet Honig. During his career, Koningsberger has developed into a very versatile and internationally sought-after singer. He is invited all over the world and has sung at the Staatsoper Berlin, the Esplanade in Singapore, the Hong Kong Philharmonic, the Theater an der Wien, the Philharmonie in Munich and the Beijing Concert Hall, among others.

Renowned for his warm voice and imaginative treatment of texts, Maarten is also very popular for his song recitals, which also take him all over the world, from the Concertgebouw to the Carnegie Hall in New York and from the Wigmore Hall in London to the Baxter Concert Hall in Cape Town.

Foto: Paul Koeleman
Lucia Lucas
Lucia Lucas by Josh New
Foto: Josh New