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About this programme
The World’s Wife
About this programme
SUN 21 NOV, 4:00pm
Theater Kikker / Utrecht / NL
Chamber opera with bariton Lucia Lucas and Ragazze Quartet

The World’s Wife is a camber opera by composer Tom Green (UK) and poet/librettist Carol Ann Duffy (UK), produced by Ragazze Quartet.


From 2023 Ragazze Quartet will share the stage with transgender opera singer Lucia Lucas ánd looping stations. The chamber opera will be directed by Jorinde Keesmaat.


The World’s Wife, a collection of poems by Carol Ann Duffy (Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom), reflects on stories, historical events and myths about famous men, told from the perspective of the woman behind the man. For his compositions, Tom Green uses some of these poems and musical material from female composers that are unfairly ignored, such as Clara Schumann and Barbara Strozzi. In The World’s Wife, eleven female protagonists are given a musical voice and enter into dialogue with each other.


Rising star Lucia Lucas embodies all characters with her hero baritone and high head voice. When she sings, is it the woman we hear, or rather the man speaking through the woman?

Tom Green
Carol Ann Duffy
Stage director
Jorinde Keesmaat
Lalina Goddard
Stage design
Sammy van den Heuvel
Sasja Strengholt
Koen Keevel
Visagie & hair design
Radna Berendsen
Ragazze Quartet, What You See Festival
Ragazze Quartet
Lucia Lucas
Rosa Arnold, Jeanita Vriens-van Tongeren
Annemijn Bergkotte
Amber Docters van Leeuwen or Rebecca Wise