Ragazze Quartet
Ragazze Quartet plays both classical and modern string quartet repertoire: inspired and on the highest level. With attractive but unconventional programmes the quartet has come to be one of the most fresh and leading voices in the world of classical music.
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About this programme
Be Coloured! (5+)
About this programme
SAT 25 SEP, 11:00am
Flint, Amersfoort / NL
SUN 16 JAN, 2:00pm
Tivoli/Vredenburg / Utrecht / NL / WILL BE RESCHEDULED
SAT 05 FEB, 2:00pm
Bimhuis / Amsterdam / SQBA / NL / CANCELLED
SUN 27 FEB, 11:00am
Concordia / Enschede / NL
FRI 18 MAR, 11:30AM
2turvenhoog Festival / Philharmonie / Haarlem / NL
SUN 10 APR, 2:00pm
De Vereeniging / Nijmegen / NL
MON 18 APR, 2:00PM
2turvenhoog Festival / Philharmonie / Haarlem / NL
SAT 23 APR, 2:30PM
2turvenhoog festival / Kunstlinie / Almere / NL
SUN 09 OCT, 1:00pm
Concertgebouw / Amsterdam / NL
SUN 09 OCT, 3:15pm
Concertgebouw / Amsterdam / NL
WED 19 OCT, 2:30pm
SPOT / Groningen / NL
SUN 05 FEB, 11:00am
TivoliVredenburg / Utrecht / NL
SUN 05 MAR, 3:00pm
Veerensmederij / Amersfoort / NL
SAT 01 APR, 2:30pm
Musis&Stadstheater / Arnhem / NL
Ragazze Quartet dances with you through a colourful, always changing fantasy-world.

The world is grey.
Days monotonous.
But one day you notice something strange.
Something different than grey .
A tiny bit of colour.

Has the colour always been there and do you only notice it for the first time? Or did you cause it to appear? How does colour sound? And can you talk or dance with colour?

Ragazze Quartet dances with you through a colourful, always changing fantasy-world. In an exciting choreography by Pim Veulings, they play (bits of) both classical and contemporary string quartets from all over Europe.

Repertoire: Music by Nas, Haydn, Ligeti, Hille, Komitas en Bartók

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Ragazze Quartet
Director and choreograph
Pim Veulings
Ragazze Quartet
Stage design
Paul Boereboom
Production & marketing
Ragazze Quartet
2turvenhoog, September Me
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