Ragazze Quartet
Ragazze Quartet plays both classical and modern string quartet repertoire: inspired and on the highest level. With attractive but unconventional programmes the quartet has come to be one of the most fresh and leading voices in the world of classical music.
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Volume one was released in the spring of 2019

It has always been a wonderfully exciting experience to play Béla Bartók. His music has everything: the mysterious tension of a thriller, loving lyricism, warm string sounds, almost impossible techniques challenging any string player to rediscover his instrument, and exhilarating rhythms which could well be rooted in the folk dance of his region. His music has fascinated us for years, so we decided to record all six string quartets.

Bartók Bound volume 1 was released in the spring of 2019 and received raving reviews in Dutch national news papers and Gramophone. The release of the second CD is planned in the ’20-’21 season.

We have declared ourselves Bartók Bound these coming years. We delve deep into his music and present his quartets in all sorts of ways and all kinds of programmes. For both the less and more experienced listeners, in pubs, in a show for children, on CD or the internet and in concert halls of course. We wish to break a lance for Béla Bartók: as far as we are concerned his sound cannot be heard often enough!